[Debian-uk] Road trip to DebConf 11?

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Sat Mar 5 13:08:04 GMT 2011

Hey folks,

As DebConf is in Europe again this year, a group of us are considering
doing the trip by road. Yes, we're probably mad but the trip to
Extremadura was fun and we expect this to be as well!


(www.viamichelin.com) suggests two reasonable routes cross-country
from Cambridge to Banja Luka, taking roughly 18 hours each. By
following the same plan as last time, I'd suggest something like:

 * Leave Cambridge early morning Friday 22nd July
 * Drive across a big chunk of Europe for 11 to 12 hours
 * Stop somewhere in Austria overnight
 * Leisurely start on Saturday 23rd, leave noon-ish
 * Drive 5 to 6 hours to Banja Luka


 * Leave Banja Luka early morning on Sunday 31st July
 * Drive 11 to 12 hours
 * Stop somewhere on the France/Germany border overnight
 * Monday 1st August: continue on back to the UK

So, who fancies it? :-)

I'll put this in a wiki page at some point...

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