[Debian-uk] Bytemark are hiring a Support engineer, £20-35k, York or Manchester

Matthew Bloch matthew at bytemark.co.uk
Thu Sep 9 12:57:43 BST 2010

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Bytemark Hosting is looking for a patient, careful person who has a
thorough knowledge of both Linux systems and the human beings that use

We're a hosting company who run our own network, and our managed
customer base is growing very quickly.  Therefore we need to recruit
someone to help us service their needs.  Our managed customers run web
sites that are critical to their multi-million pound businesses - we
plan and execute their hosting to avoid down time, and so their
developers can concentrate on their business.

You will be part of our managed services team, reporting to Chief System
Administrator (known as "Steve"), and we'll need you to be able to
comprehend the many small hosting networks that we set up for our big
customers.  We need someone who can administer careful changes to their
networks, respond to alarms/strange log messages, and communicate
clearly and carefully to our clients.  We need to see that you've used
quite a lot of things from our technical checklist:

* Linux-based systems (mostly Debian, but some Redhat/CentOS), setting
up from scratch and thorough understanding of their vital configuration

* web applications running under Apache, with proxies and multi-stage
setups (nginx, lighttpd, varnish  etc.);

* applications running under Windows Server 2008, IIS & SQL Server;

* network device configuration - Cisco switches, routers, keepalived and
routing protocols;

* programming experience in even one language or framework would be

* low-level TCP/IP and diagnostic experience (i.e. ability to answer
"why is this server cut off?", "why do my HTTP requests time out" etc.).

Finally we need you to have a dogged, creative attitude to solo
problem-solving, and a determination never to ask the same question

You will also need to put your skills to work each week assisting a few
of our unmanaged customers with their trickier problems - they're a very
technical bunch and will expect you to be too.

The salary we can offer will be £20-35k, which will depend on technical
expertise, experience and charm.  We would welcome applications from
qualified A-level students to career sysadmins looking for a change of

We can accommodate you in offices in either central Manchester or York -
you should live within sensible daily commuting distance of either city.

Our standard benefits include:
- 33 days holiday (including 8 UK bank holidays),
     with +1 day for every full year served to a maximum of 40 days.
- home broadband, and some flexibility for working from home;
- free eye tests and an annual allowance for glasses;
- casual, comfortable & quiet offices.

If you're interested, please email matthew at bytemark.co.uk with a CV,
and a few sentences telling me how you'd be able to help us, and which
of your achievements you think would impress us the most.  We're
looking for someone to start in October if at all possible, but will be
flexible for the right person.  Be warned that our interviews may take
a whole day in York, and involve up to a 4-hour practical.  We will of
course pay your travel and accommodation expenses.

Agencies - if you wish to put forward any candidates, you will agree to
a £500 fixed fee for any candidate we accept.  Forwarding any CV to us
implies acceptance of this condition!

Matthew Bloch (Bytemark MD)

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