Proof of Concept - 'init-diversity' spins of Debian based distros

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Mon Mar 11 09:50:28 GMT 2024

Only a few (select) debian packages have s6-rc init scripts or s6-66 service frontend (unit) files available in these spins.

There was an (earlier) s6-rc only Devuan spin I put together based on Gnuinos just to demonstrate how easy it is to have a fully functional plasma system with just a handfull of services ported from other distros (such as Artix) & a few written from scratch without any reliance on either sysvinit scripts or systemd units.

I guess packaging s6 services & defining service dependencies is where the work from the individual distros will be required as all distro's would have a different collection of software & combinations they would support.

A good read in regards to 66 service files can be found here (attention to section “A word about the @execute key”)

As I read this you could pretty much use a sysvinit script, a bash script to resolve a systemd file, or a simple execline command.

s6-rc is very similar

There have been talks about the creation of a tool that parses systemd service unit files & converts them to s6 ones, but I understand it won’t happen any time soon:

I hope this helps

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This is great news! Thanks for the good work!
Just one question, on the devuan forums we talked a lot  about debian's slow removal of sysvinit scripts
and try to figure out a solution (e.g. the orphan-sysvinit-scripts package) so did you write s6 init scripts
for all debian service packages or do you use systemd units ?


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