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I'm not sure how many in this mailing list are following the work that is happening at the antiX forums, but I'm convinced that everybody in this list would be interested in the so called 'init-diversity' spins, and the inclusion of 2 different s6 implementations: s6-rc (by Laurent Bercot) & s6-66 (by Eric Vidal), which were not presented to any debian based distro before (gnuinos excluded):

UNOFFICIAL antiX-23 “init-diversity” spin. – antiX-forumantix-23.1_init-diversity-edition – sysvinit / runit / s6-rc / s6-66 – antiX-forum
We have achieved as a proof of concept to build a live image that has 4 options to boot from that don't interfere with each other.
The concept is very simple, any init can be installed under a /usr/lib folder, their service files in relevant sub-folders under /etc, & finally grub is configured to recognise any available init under the /lib folders

I have also since then produced an MX respin which more or less has 5 inits to choose from, with systemd included & utilised by each other init in the MX distro's spirit (which is similar to Debian's), just to broaden the scope & to prevent the perception that it is only a anti-systemd initiative, just because of the distro it derived from:

[Derivatives][Unofficial Respin] MX-23.2 KDE 'init-diversity' Edition - Debian User Forumsmx-23-2-init-diversity-respin - MX Linux Forum
Technically if you try any of these respins you will find each init works independently from each other (does not try & hijack folders & files used by other inits).
Debian can keep shipping with systemd (or any other default fully supported init) linked to '/sbin/init', & interested parties can continue supporting other inits with relevant init scripts or frontend unit files in locations which don't interfere with other init systems.

Most users (myself included) do not mind using various systemd parts (or modules) on their systems.
However more than a few (myself included) simply want something else running as PID 1, & this spin's concept is in the spirit to address this, which is in the spirit of the 2019 GR (at least to my interpretation of it), with a clear way forward & averting future flamewars & heated GR's.
Keen on everybody's impressions & thoughts:


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