Bug#1061280: sysvinit crashes podman container on install

Sam Hartman hartmans at debian.org
Mon Jan 22 02:01:03 GMT 2024

package: sysvinit-core:
version: 3.08-5
severity: important
justification: breaks unrelated software in uncommon environment

I was curious about a discussion on debian-devel, so I tried to install
sysvinit and wdm at the same time.
I tried:

podman run --rm -ti debian:unstable
apt update
apt install sysvinit-core

And my container crashed when sysvinit-core was installed and restarted.
To get things "installed" I copied /dev/null over the sysvinit-core

I'd like to be able to create a podman or docker image running sysvinit.
To do that I need to be able to install sysvinit with a container that
has /bin/bash or /bin/sh as an entry point and then image that container
into an image that has init as the entry point.  For that to work
sysvinit-core has to be able to install even when there is no init


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