Bug#1059712: orphan-sysvinit-scripts: dnscrypt-proxy init script not working out of the box

Matthias Geiger werdahias at riseup.net
Wed Jan 3 16:54:01 GMT 2024

On 03.01.24 17:46, Matthias Geiger wrote:
> On 03.01.24 17:23, Matthew Vernon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 30/12/2023 18:09, Matthias Geiger wrote:
>>> attached script seems to work under openRC (copied from alpine and 
>>> modified).
>> Thanks - do you have copyright details for this script (which we 
>> would need to use it), and know which version of dnscrypt-proxy needs 
>> the change (since we'll need a versioned conflict or similar...)
Forgot to mention:

the init script was removed in 1.8.1-2 (see 7ff2395a) and the issue is 
with the current sid version (2.0.45+ds1-1.2).

 From the tracker page it looks like 2.0.6-1 was the first version with 
the new CLI options.


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