interface down after resuming from standby, Network Manager loosing Ethernet connection

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Tue Apr 16 21:10:49 BST 2024

Hi Mark, hi.

Mark Hindley - 15.04.24, 19:49:19 CEST:
> On Mon, Apr 15, 2024 at 07:10:18PM +0200, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > But of course 73-seat-late.rules still needs fixing in elogind
> > package.
> I have reported this upstream:


I upgraded to elogind 255.4.1-3 which contains the upstream patch.

Unfortunately the interface down after resuming vom standby issue is still 

Currently I have no idea where to look for the cause.

I streamlined recovery a bit:

sudo ip link set en1 up ; sudo killall /usr/sbin/NetworkManager

in terminal emulator.

and then "killall plasmashell ; plasmashell" via KRunner.


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