interface down after resuming from standby, Network Manager loosing Ethernet connection (Re: elogind/runit-services breakage)

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Mon Apr 15 18:10:18 BST 2024

Martin Steigerwald - 15.04.24, 18:33:02 CEST:
> Trying to fix the path issue manually now:
> […]/lib/udev# grep -ir elogind-uaccess-command
> rules.d/73-seat-late.rules:TAG=="uaccess", ENV{MAJOR}!="", RUN{program}
> +="libexec/elogind-uaccess-command %N $env{ID_SEAT}"
> Changed path to absolute path "/usr/libexec/elogind-uaccess-command" in
> there.

I tried to report this using reportbug. It wanted to contact Devuan 
bugtracker SMTP which was picky about the outgoing IP address of my 
provider. Did not bother to save out the file and send with my mail client.

But of course 73-seat-late.rules still needs fixing in elogind package.


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