elogind/runit-services breakage

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Mon Apr 15 09:55:23 BST 2024

Hi Lorenzo, hi Mark.

elogind 255.4.1-1 is not started on Runit based systems with runit 
2.1.2-58 and runit-services 0.7.1. On Devuan Ceres.

One reason is: binary path does not match. elogind package has


runit-services has: /lib/exec/elogind or something like that.

Also cpsv s always says it does not sync all the services cause they have 
been changed. Even after running cpsv -f s once.

I currently have elogind running in a screen since a system without logind 
DBUS interface is no fun. Logging takes several minutes and so on.

No time for a proper bug report at the moment. Giving a course to 10 


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