The future of elogind/libelogind0

Matthias Geiger werdahias at
Sun Oct 22 01:55:50 BST 2023

On 21.10.23 07:57, Timothy Kenno Handojo wrote:
> Otherwise, is it possible to create a new version of problematic packages
> (e.g. procps) that depends on elogind instead of systemd?

libelogind0 Provides: the libsystemd dependency:

apt show libelogind0 Package: libelogind0 Version: 246.10-1debian1 
Priority: optional Section: libs Source: elogind Maintainer: Debian 
Ecosystem Init Diversity Team 
<debian-init-diversity at> Installed-Size: 692 kB 
Provides: libsystemd0 (= 246.10)


Asking the systemd maintainers to upload less often is also unlikely as 
a) regardless updates should hit sid soon and b) they haven't been 
exactly forthcoming to alternative init systems

Let's hope the newer elogind releases soon.

Matthias Geiger <werdahias>
Debian Maintainer
"Freiheit ist immer Freiheit des anders Denkenden" -- Rosa Luxemburg

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