The future of elogind/libelogind0

Matthias Geiger werdahias at
Fri Oct 20 11:41:03 BST 2023

On 19.10.23 19:47, Matthias Geiger wrote:
> thanks for looking into this. I ran into 1052064 today when I set up 
> my new machine with openrc. polkit is currently uninstallable on a 
> non-systemd system because of this.
> I think consolekit2 might be our best bet. A possible issue might be 
> to convince the poklit maintainers to re-enable the consolekit2 backend.
> If it indeed gains libsystemd compatibility that'd a good replacement 
> imo. Not discrediting your work or upstream here, but elogind will 
> always lag behind / play catchup to the "regular" logind.
> If you need help maintaining consolekit2 I'd be glad to do so.
Curious btw: Does libpam-ck-connector provide the same functionality as 
libpam-elogind ? That's a package I depend on and if consolekit2 is set 
to replace elogind in debian eventually that's going to be relevant for 
some users so there is no breakage.


Matthias Geiger <werdahias>
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"Freiheit ist immer Freiheit des anders Denkenden" -- Rosa Luxemburg

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