Creating parallel version of a package

Adam Borowski kilobyte at
Wed Oct 18 02:32:28 BST 2023

On Wed, Oct 18, 2023 at 02:16:35AM +0200, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Oct 2023, Adam Borowski wrote:
> >Depends: libc6 (>= 2.34), libncursesw6 (>= 6), libproc2-0 (>= 2:4.0.4),
> >»»» libsystemd0 (>= 254~rc1),
> Ah yes, but that’s depended on by so much but doesn’t matter in the
> end, unless you’re getting insistent on not having any code by them
> on the system, in which case udev will be the larger problem…

Well yeah, you need either that or something ABI-compatible.  It's an insane
idea to divert a library depended upon by base system tools, but that's what
the maintainers demanded.

> >And this dependency is not satisfiable by current version of libelogind0;
> Right, though that is of course only for when you want that.

Let's say "want" is not the proper word here.  But alas, the functionality
of anything desktop related, and not only, is severely diminished without
having a logind implementation installed; thus having no elogind is not a
real option for most users.  You can't even shutdown from a GUI, and I think
X requires logind to get keyboard/mouse events in the default configuration
these days (been a while since I looked).

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