Bug#1033311: sysvinit-utils: pidof not always returning a pid, when using the full path to a program

Markus Fischer ivanhoe at fiscari.de
Thu Mar 30 07:19:57 BST 2023

Nice find! And yes, I can confirm that it works for me too. Would be 
great to see these fixes make it into bookworm.

- Markus

Am 29.03.23 um 17:48 schrieb Mark Hindley:
> This single hunk on top of 3.06-2 fixes pidof following multiple symlinks for me
> when invoked as
>   pidof $(which vi)
> Markus, can you confirm that works for you?
> Since it is a regression since bullseye, it seems a suitable targeted fix to
> attempt for bookworm.
> Thanks to everybody.
> Mark

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