What about services that only have systemd service files

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Sat Mar 4 16:37:17 GMT 2023


I am using runit with runit-services on my system. It works well. Thanks 
Lorenzo for your work on runit-services.

I just came across two packages that probably never had anything else 
than a systemd service file. zcfan as well as wireplumber previously 
discussed here.

What would be the best approach about these? I ponder about the 
following approaches

1) Asking the package maintainer to include an init script or runit 
service dir. Of course it would be best to provide one with the bug 
report. May or may not work.

2) Adding an init script to orphan-sysvinit-scripts. However if there 
never was an init script for it, how could it be orphan? Adding support 
for the service in runit-services.

3) Research translating at least basic systemd service files into 
something that works for non systemd services.

What do you think is best?

Way of least resistance might be providing init scripts and/or runit 
services files or OpenRC configurations by ourselves? What would be a good 
and standardized approach for that?

Any ideas?

Once since become calmer again I may search / provide some runit 
configuration for zcfan and wireplumber.


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