rsyslog 8.2302.0-1~bpo11+1 needs orphan-sysvinit-scripts 0.14

Matthew Vernon matthew at
Thu Jun 29 22:26:03 BST 2023

On 29/06/2023 15:37, Opty wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 22, 2023 at 7:02 PM Matthew Vernon <matthew at> wrote:
>> There's no particular reason why you couldn't just use the bookworm
>> package (0.14) directly - it is basically just some shell scripts and
>> dpkg triggers and so on.
>> Given that, I'm not sure a backport is of much value (since presumably I
>> would then be committing to remembering to update it every time I
>> uploaded a new version?)...?
> One has to find it out first and add APT source or download manually.
> Upgrade from Bullseye rsyslog breaks log rotating which one may not
> notice immediatelly and if one decides to migrate from syslog-ng then
> it even breaks daemon handling due to missing init script.
> Nothing fatal I'd say but rather a bit uncomfortable.

OK, I have uploaded (0.14~bpo11+1) to bullseye-backports.



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