Bug#945269: debian-policy: packages should use tmpfiles.d(5) to create directories below /var

Sean Whitton spwhitton at spwhitton.name
Fri Jun 16 10:51:17 BST 2023


On Tue 13 Jun 2023 at 05:58PM +01, Mark Hindley wrote:

> There is a new upstream version of elogind[1] that is already packaged in
> Devuan[2] although that uncovered up an upstream issue that I am waiting to be
> resolved[3]. So, maybe by the end of this month?
> However, that is only considering whether the packaging and dependencies can be
> made to work (like Simon McVittie, I think they probably can).
> I remain much less convinced that there is a consensus for requiring packages to
> use tmpfiles.d(5) for /var, /tmp and maybe /etc. The recent thread on
> debian-devel demonstrated a range of opinion. Thorsten and Bill have just raised
> valid points about chroots.
> So, whilst I am happy to test the dependency changes in elogind, enshrining this
> as a 'should' in the Policy now seems, at least, premature.

Cool, thank you.  This will simplify resolving this bug.

> Reading the proposed text as somebody who is particularly interested
> in non-systemd systems, I am struck by the inconsistency between
>   Init systems other than ``systemd`` should allow providing the same
>   functionality as appropriate for each system, for example managing the
>   directories from the init script shipped by the package.
> and the fact that we no longer expect packages to include init scripts alongside
> their systemd units and even accept their removal, even if other interested
> people offer to maintain them and provide tested patches.

I'm sympathetic, though, this in itself is not a Policy issue.

Sean Whitton
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