Bug#922815: insserv: FATAL: service mountkernfs has to be enabled to use service keyboard-setup.sh

Thomas Deutschmann whissi at whissi.de
Tue Jun 13 19:28:45 BST 2023

On 2023-06-13 20:10, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> I personally tend to use:
>     apt-get --purge dist-upgrade
> This takes care of purging the configuration files of packages
> that get removed (take care, of course, to not let it remove
> things you still need, like the old PostgreSQL version until
> the cluster(s) have migrated).

Thank you, I didn't know about mixing "dist-upgrade" command with "purge"!

>> Now the system is really in a clean state with only debian12 packages
>> installed.
> Is it? Remember that apt doesn’t know about leftover conffiles.
> Try: dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | cut -c 1-$COLUMNS

Yes, it is :)

I run similar commands during the cleanup when we noticed the gnutls 
problem. All non debian12 packages are now purged. Just to be sure that 
there really isn't any leftover or manually added file which could 
interfere in some unexpected ways I even feeded all files through dpkg.


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