Bug#922815: insserv: FATAL: service mountkernfs has to be enabled to use service keyboard-setup.sh

Thomas Deutschmann whissi at whissi.de
Tue Jun 13 17:28:58 BST 2023

On 2023-06-13 17:45, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> On Sun, 28 May 2023, Thomas Deutschmann wrote:
>> Note: The system was recently upgraded from Debian 8 (without systemd) to
>> Debian 9 (where I switched to systemd) to Debian 12.
> You did upgrade to Debian 10, then Debian 11, in the middle, right?

Yes, of course.

And upgrade was done using basically

   apt-get upgrade
   apt-get full-upgrade


After each upgrade, configuration files which couldn't be automatically 
updated were manually upgraded.

Once we booted into the upgraded OS for the first time, we removed old 
packages via

   apt-get autoremove


What we forgot was to remove still installed debian8 packages, when 
system was fully upgraded to Debian 9. Removing debian9 packages when 
system was fully upgraded to Debian 10 and so on.

For example the system pulled in ffmpeg from dmo repo in the past.

We recently noticed on bookworm that every application using gnuTLS 
(like git or gdb trying to fetch symbols from 
https://debuginfod.debian.net) was unable to establish a TLS connection:


strace showed that the application was always hanging in getrandom calls:


When we tried to reinstall all deps of libcurl3-gnutls package we run 
into a problem because librtmp1 was installed from dmo but no longer 

After removing that package we were able to reinstall all deps of 
libcurl3-gnutls which resolved the gnuTLS problem in the end.

Now the system is really in a clean state with only debian12 packages 

But from my understanding this is unrelated to the seen 
console-setup-linux and insserv issue because both packages were from 
debian12 and up-to-date when we got the message.


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