Bug#1042082: Please take over udev SysV init script

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Wed Jul 26 20:31:56 BST 2023

Matthew Vernon - 26.07.23, 21:22:15 CEST:
> > may I suggest to add this script to initscripts
> > package(sysvinit:src) instead of o-s-s?
> > A system without udev is not very common after all and the vast
> > majority of scripts strictly needed to boot and shutdown the system
> > are shipped there.
> Wearing my o-s-s maintainer hat, I have no problem with this suggest -
> what do the sysvinit maintainers think?
> [though I suspect we are going to end up with o-s-s being a dependency
> of sysvinit-core at this rate]

How about using a similar approach than with the runit-services package?

Make a sysvinit-services package or better rename orphan-sysvinit-
scripts to that name and make it a dependency? Well runit-services is 
just a recommend to runit-init… but in case of udev… a dependency would 
be better. Of course it could also remain named orphan-sysvinit-scripts

Also a missing udev init script could affect users running runit as well. 
runit-services currently has no runit service dir to start udev. So 
runit would rely on the init script.


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