How to handle bugs like 1041703 - libgudev broken due to missed udev dependencies?

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Sat Jul 22 20:42:44 BST 2023


I wonder how to deal with issues like

#1041703 Broken due to missed udev dependencies

I accidentally raised the bug severity to grave, as I missed that it was 
related to libeudev instead of libudev. I did not see that Klaus was 
using libeudev initially.

I bet there is no willingness to communicate breaking changes like this 
to eudev maintainers from the side the libgudev maintainers beforehand.

Just hope it does not happen too often?

Anyway, I think eudev needs fixing there. Otherwise no keyboard input in 
sddm, lightdm and likely other display managers, likely also regular X11 
session, probably Wayland, no working fwupdmgr, likely crashes in xdg-
desktop-portal when changing to mount point of external ssd/hdd and so 
on… unless you stay on libgudev1.0-0 version 2.37-2.

Hope I do not get bashed too badly for my temporary raising of the bug 
to severity grave.


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