Runit with KDE Plasma: krunner current working directory /

Lorenzo plorenzo at
Tue Feb 14 13:31:43 GMT 2023


On Fri, 10 Feb 2023 14:39:58 +0100
Martin Steigerwald <martin at> wrote:

> Hi!
> This puzzled me for a long time and I have no idea where to report
> this:
> …proc# ls -ld $(pidof krunner)/cwd
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 USER USER 0 10. Feb 14:26 15116/cwd -> /
> …proc# ls -ld $(pidof plasmashell)/cwd
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 USER USER 0 10. Feb 14:27 9191/cwd -> /home/USER
> [...]
> Is this a bug with runit? Is this an upstream bug?

I can reproduce this with my system (runit), however I just switched
and rebooted into sysvinit and it's the same, so this is more likely
a bug that happens with any init != systemd

> Any idea how to find the root cause for this and determine what needs
> to be fixed?
Are you running Xorg as USER or root? (not sure it's relevant)

I pinned ('keep open') krunner and then added it to the kde autostart;
this way is always open (you probably don't want that) but it also
starts in /HOME/USER.
My guess is that the keyboard is somehow not linked to the graphic
session (plasma session) so by starting program with keyboard combo
it's parented directly to init.
Not sure if this is a bug in KDE, elogind or we are missing some
systemd features (user-session, cgroups?).

> I tried to work around this by doing "cd $HOME" in my zshrc. However 
> this makes open new tabs in Konsole always start at $HOME even when I 
> open them with a tab active which has a different cwd. Yeah, I got
> only do "cd $HOME" if current working directory is /, but I'd rather
> see this fixed. However, I do not even know where to report this
> issue.

Your practical issue is that, for example, by typing 'konsole' in
krunner you get a console in / instead of /home/USER ( I don't have
that) or is something else?

> Any insight greatly appreciated.
> Best,

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