Bug#934463: initscripts: consider taking over hwclock policy machinery

Andreas Henriksson andreas at fatal.se
Thu Aug 24 17:16:08 BST 2023

Hello Mark,

I quickly looked at both initscripts and util-linux branches and my only
comment is about the util-linux-extra Breaks: initscript (<< ...).

Since initscripts will need (and has) Breaks/Replaces: util-linux-extra
the circular nature of util-linux-extra having the same makes me think
this is something which might be useful to think about a second time.
Additionally, util-linux-extra might not even be installed on users
system now that it's no longer pseudo-essential.... If we want to
prevent (sysvinit) users from partially upgrading util-linux-extra
and lack the hwclock machinery, then we likely also want to prevent
them from deinstalling util-linux-extra which would have the same
Thus I wonder maybe the Breaks: initscripts (<< ....) would be better
to have on util-linux (Essential)...... IF it's needed at all.
The util-linux package is the one which originally carried the
hwclock init machinery after all.

Hope you see that I've not thought all the way about this and not
made up my mind of what I think is the best solution in the end,
but hopefully my thoughts above give some food for thought.
Just thought this might be something that might deserve a second thought
even if nothing changes in the end.

Andreas Henriksson

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