Bug#934463: initscripts: consider taking over hwclock policy machinery

Chris Hofstaedtler zeha at debian.org
Tue Aug 22 12:13:03 BST 2023


* Andreas Henriksson <andreas at fatal.se> [230822 12:55]:
> I'm adding zeha to CC as he has taken
> over the official util-linux debian maintainer role.


> On Tue, Aug 22, 2023 at 09:58:47AM +0100, Mark Hindley wrote:
> > Andreas,
> > 
> > I have prepared the necessary updates to src:sysvinit to incorporate the hwclock
> > machinery in initscripts. Specifically the files
> > 
> >  /etc/default/hwclock
> >  /etc/init.d/hwclock.sh
> >  /usr/share/man/man5/hwclock.5
> >  /usr/lib/udev/hwclock-set
> >  /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/hwclock.rules
> Looks good to me.
> HEADS UP: One thought here is that the init script will still need the
> actual hwclock binary. While util-linux-extra currently is
> pseudo-essential I think zeha plans to make it a regular package at some
> point in the future which probably mean you want initscripts to depend
> on it (or make the scripts handle that hwclock binary is not available,
> but that sounds less compelling to me). You might want to add the
> dependency now so that it's not forgotten once util-linux-extra is no
> longer pseudo-essential.

util-linux-extra in sid has stopped being pseudo-essential. Please
add the dependency now.

> > Obviously we need to coordinate the transition and I will add Breaks/Replaces
> > << the util-linux-extra version which drops the files.
> Although zeha should probably ack this, I personally think it's better
> if a single person uploads both packages in a situation like this.

Here's my pre-ack :-)

> If you'd rather see that someone else some or all of the util-linux
> poking then please say how you'd like to see it and I'll help out where
> needed (unless zeha would rather do it himself).

Whatever works for all of you.

> Feel free to push a branch to salsa.debian.org/debian/util-linux with
> proposed changes if you do prepare them.

This would be best, then I can also have a check before it gets

> > If util-linux-extra were to use it, my understanding is that rm_conffile only
> > removes *unmodified* conffiles so user modifications should be preserved. But we
> > might consider synchronised uploads to experimental to test and confirm.
> Honestly I've forgotten all about how I envisioned this migration to
> happen.

Note that util-linux-extra took over the conffiles from util-linux,
but I think util-linux did not clean up its part. This also should
happen then.

Glad there's progress on this.


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