How do you handle runit logs?

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> Hi all,
> I'm going to be creating some runit run scripts for inclusion in the
> runit-services package.

> How do you handle logging facilities in the service/log directory?

As a rule of thumb for runit-services package, if the service can log to
stdout/stderr (by default or with some config switch) it should do so
and set up a log service.

To include a script in runit-services all you need to do is to send me
a patch with the runscript and tell me if the service requires a
service/log to be setup. Also please mention the copyright if different
from CC0/public domain.
As already mentioned by Martin, there is a standard log script

that can be symlinked in each service/log, but you don't have to worry
about this as the package will create the link when appropriate

> Different people have different system loggers, so do I use an
> environment variable for the system logging program, and if so, what's
> the name and path of the system logger.
[not sure I understand what you mean here]
If the local admin prefers to have all logs sent to a central logging
system he can edit /etc/sv/svlogd/run to use the logger(1) utility
instead of svlogd


In case you are curious about how the package is build from source, you
can have a look at
dh-runit man page
the the dh-runit's control file

> Thanks,
> SteveT
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