Bug#1034833: sysv init script missing in tomcat10 package

Emmanuel Bourg ebourg at apache.org
Wed Apr 26 07:54:14 BST 2023

Control: reassign -1 orphan-sysvinit-scripts

Le 2023-04-25 19:35, Andreas Messer a écrit :

> Dear maintainers, the tomcat10 package does not ship a sysvinit
> script for use with traditional init. Please consider adding such
> a script to the package since it will make things simpler for
> users of sysvinit. I have attached a possible implementation of
> such a script to this mail. (Derived from tomcat9 package with
> some cleanup) I can offer to support/maintain this script
> in future if desired.

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for offering your help. The sysvinit script for Tomcat
is now maintained in the orphan-sysvinit-scripts source package.
There is

Emmanuel Bourg

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