Bug#1019661: Breaks monin and maybe other packages

Dimitris dimitris at stinpriza.org
Tue Sep 13 15:25:58 BST 2022

Στις 13/9/22 14:16, ο/η Klaus Ethgen έγραψε:
> The new package breaks monin as it does not provide
> /lib/lsb/init-functions anymore.
> As this is used in many other packages, I suspect more breaks.

running an X session on devuan ceres with runit, and updating package to 
lsb-base 11.3 (around GMT ~09.00), it suddenly completely broke X(?).
lost all display. only ttys1-6 available.
(`ps` showed all X applications were still running).

reboot resulted to a read-only root filesystem (other partitions not 
mounted), couldn't do much there.

rebooted to a live rescue system, chrooted to broken system, copied 
/lib/lsb/init-functions from an older backup file (i think this made the 
difference), and then i could get some services/network up, and update 
rebooted and everything back to normality, no issues since.

latest sysvinit-utils came in/upgraded some time later on..


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