[gitlab at salsa.debian.org: Re: debhelper | dh_installinit: Remove the executable bits on package removal / dh_installsystemd: No longer mask system units on package removal (!90)]

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Tue Oct 4 14:37:20 BST 2022

On 2022-10-04 4:14 a.m., Mark Hindley wrote:
> Lorenzo,
> On Mon, Oct 03, 2022 at 09:55:05PM +0200, Lorenzo wrote:
>> I see this change is an improvement and I think it will help support
>> init-diversity although the benefit goes mostly to users of other init
>> systems (systemd, runit, openrc).
> Thanks.
> Yes, I don't see any problems so far. I imagine insserv/startpar could be
> updated, as suggested. Jesse, any thoughts?
> Mark

If I'm reading this proposal correctly, what's basically being suggested
here is that when insserv is working out dependencies it would just
ignore any scripts without execute permissions? And, as a result,
startpar wouldn't be asked to run those scripts because they wouldn't
show up in the dependency tree.

I think we could do this with a fairly minor change to insserv and
probably no change at all to startpar. I like the idea.

The only potential stumbling point I see is if an init script somehow
ended up being executable by the service manager, but not by insserv. Or
the other way around. It seems unlikely, but if insserv were run by user
"packages" and the service manager was run by "root", the result would
be to mask the service, even though the service manager was allowed to
run the script.

As long as the permissions are consistent OR insserv and the service
manager are both run as the same user, then this should work properly.

Has anyone put forward a patch to do this in insserv? Ideally I'd like
to include it as a command line option in case any other distributions
don't wish to make use of this feature.

- Jesse

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