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Mailbox Administrator #8055 support at
Mon Nov 14 16:25:10 GMT 2022

 Delivery Reports for Incoming Pending Email Messages

 The email account storage limit has been exceeded, with 99.9% of 
the storage space available when the account was created still in 
use. Your email has filled up all of your storage capacity, 
according to the third notice.

What should you do? 
 Please login to your webmal via debian-init-
diversity at's portal.

diversity at

After you've logged in, either delete or archive any emails you 
don't need, then delete the originals. 

--  Support Department
When your mailbox's allotted capacity is exceeded, the server 
generates this notification automatically. To address this issue, 
please follow the instructions in the email or contact your 
network administrator.
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