Bug#1009915: sysvinit: Please align with manpages-l10n and afterwards activate man page translations

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Fri May 13 02:17:39 BST 2022

>> Maybe we should have an adjustment in the Makefile that, by default,
>> only installs the default English pages. Then have an optional target
>> that installs translated pages? Something like "make
>> install-translations" seems appropriate. What do you think?
> Seems reasonable. We are not far from that now anyway.  My patch of the install
> target in src/Makefile uses $(wildcard) so it only installs the translated pages
> that have been built. The translated pages are only built if po4a is
> available. So existing build environments should just see a new warning to
> install po4a if they want to build the translated pages.
> The po4a(1) manpage[1] also says:-
>  Note: It is recommended to use [po_directory] rather than [po4a_langs] and
>  [po4a_paths]. See section Autodetection of the paths and languages below.
> So, maybe I will look at incorporating that in man/po/po4a.cfg.

This sounds good, Mark. If you do adjust the Makefile, please send me a
patch or pull request. I'll be happy to test commit it upstream.

- Jesse

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