Bug#1009915: sysvinit: Please align with manpages-l10n and afterwards activate man page translations

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Mon May 9 16:56:13 BST 2022

> Jesse, I have suggested making po4a optional. I wonder if some users might not
> want to install and build the translated pages?
> Any successfully translated manpages are now installed.
> What do you both think?

Mark, thanks very much for the patches. Sorry it took me a while to
respond, your e-mail with patches ended up in my spam folder.

I've applied the five patches upstream in the 3.05 branch of sysvinit.

Regarding the idea of making the installation of translated manual pages
optional, I'm in favour of that. If people don't want six translations
of the same page they are using, I'm happy to support that.

Maybe we should have an adjustment in the Makefile that, by default,
only installs the default English pages. Then have an optional target
that installs translated pages? Something like "make
install-translations" seems appropriate. What do you think?

- Jesse

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