pending patches to sysvinit and lsb packages

Adam Borowski kilobyte at
Fri May 6 23:41:33 BST 2022

On Fri, May 06, 2022 at 09:26:55AM +0100, Mark Hindley wrote:
> Unless anybody expresses concerns, I propose to merge and build for experimental
> along with the fixes for #951651 and #980566.


Note that there's lsb-release-minimal, currently rotting in NEW, that throws
away all the historical LSB stuff and leaves only what's actually being used
in today's programs.

Given that we no longer pretend to support LSB, you might want to not spend
too much time on the old package.

But then, the fixes are already done (just not uploaded), and the -minimal
thingy isn't even in the archive yet, much less actually tested as a viable
replacement, let's go with the upload.

On the other hand, perhaps we'd want to merge lsb-base into sysvinit-utils,
to avoid a transitively-essential package that ships nothing but a 646 byte
script but costs every single Debian installation over 2 orders of magnitude
more in various metadata, dpkg status entries and so on.

That'd get rid of src:lsb completely.

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