C P chpavlides200 at
Fri May 6 12:05:20 BST 2022

Hi there, My name is Chris Pavlides. I am a P/A to Mr. Adrian 
Tumelo who is is very influential and wealthy businessman in 
Botswana. He is into diamonds and precious metals trading. He is 
currently at loggerheads with the Government in his country 
because of of his compaign against the Government's policy which 
involves killing innocent citizens, and leaving lots of people 
homeless and in poverty. Now, the Government are trying to 
sabotage his business and seize his diamond mine in retaliation. 
They are trying to frustrate him and weaken him financially so 
that he would not have the resources to organize and support the 
youths who are rebelling against the Government and holding them 
accountable for the atrocities they have commited to the people 
of the country. Due to this situation, my boss is worried about 
his safety and in order to ensure that his family is taken care 
of incase anything happens to him, he has asked me to discretely 
find a foreign investor that can be trusted to help him 
accommodate the $73.8 Mill US Dollars he has in a private deposit 
in Europe. He basically wants this funds moved out before the 
Government in his country finds out about it because they said 
they will also trace all his foreign assets. This is why I am 
contacting you today.
We need your help to accommodate and lodge the funds in the 
banking system in your country and also invest it in a very 
productive projects. We will handle the logistics involved in the 
movement of the funds to you. Please note that the entire 
business will be executed in a legal way. My boss has also 
promised to compensate you handsomely for your role in this 
business. Do you think you can handle this? He wants this to be 
done discretely so I will be acting as his eyes and ears during 
the course of this transaction.
If this proposal interests you, please kindly respond so that I 
can give you more details.


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