Bug#1009915: sysvinit: Please align with manpages-l10n and afterwards activate man page translations

Helge Kreutzmann debian at helgefjell.de
Sun May 1 18:35:32 BST 2022

Hello Jesse,
On Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 01:58:14PM -0300, Jesse Smith wrote:
> > I'm not a makefile expert, but I have some experience with po4a and
> > firends (in makefiles). I'll contact Jesse and see what I (or maybe
> > Mario, who supported the transfer) can do.
> > 
> As the upstream person in this situation, I'm happy to accept patches or
> suggestions. A little while back I received the beginnings of the
> translation process (the framework) and dropped it into the upstream
> source tree sort of "as is". At the time it looked like there might be
> more pieces coming in the future, so I left it alone.
> If anyone wants to improve upon the translation framework and/or send me
> patches, I'll be happy to receive them.

The attached Makefile for man/ does not yet work, but I think it's just my
limited man page knowledge.

For some reason I'm not seeing the solution for "make clean", probably
some typo.

I added a new target to actually create the translated man pages. For
testing, I inserted a dummy version, please remove.

What I'm not so sure is how to best call "translated", probably as a
dependency for "all install"? 

You can of course integrate it in the target "all install", that would
be the easiest solution.

I suggest you use this Makefile as an input and then we work from



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MANPAGES=bootlogd.8 fstab-decode.8 halt.8 init.8 initctl.5 initscript.5 inittab.5 \
killall5.8 last.1 lastb.1 logsave.8 mesg.1 mountpoint.1 pidof.8 poweroff.8 \
readbootlog.1 reboot.8 runlevel.8 shutdown.8 sulogin.8 telinit.8 utmpdump.1 \

LANGUAGES_DIST =`sed -ne 's/^.*\[po4a_langs\] \(.*\)$/\1/p' po/po4a.cfg`
#LANGUAGES_DIST = $(sed -ne 's/^.*\[po4a_langs\] \(.*\)$/\1/p' po/po4a.cfg)
LANGUAGES="de es fi fr hu id pl"


PO4A_OPTS = --previous --srcdir po/ --destdir po/ --no-backups \
            --package-name sysvinit --package-version $(VERSION) \
            --msgid-bugs-address "Your Bugmail <mail at example.com>"

	po4a $(PO4A_OPTS) po/po4a.cfg

all install: 
	sed --in-place=.orig --separate 's/\@VERSION\@/$(VERSION)/g' $(MANPAGES)

clean distclean:
	for man in $(MANPAGES) ; do \
	   if [ -f "$$man.orig" ] ; then mv "$$man.orig" "$$man" ; fi \
	echo $(LANGUAGES) 
	for lang in $(LANGUAGES); do \
		rm -rf "po/$$lang" \

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