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Mason Loring Bliss mason at blisses.org
Sun Jul 17 03:56:21 BST 2022

On Sun, Jul 17, 2022 at 03:46:47AM +0200, Thorsten Glaser wrote:

> > I was involved with Devuan for a while, but[…]
> Thanks for the detailled reasons why me being wary of them
> is a good thing.

There are some good people and the project's goal is good, but I think the
better path is to make sure Debian stays healthy.

> Though given who’s udev’s maintainer in Debian I think we could gain
> from having an independent implementation…

I'm notionally involved with eudev and I see serious folks from a range of
projects involved, so it probably has a future. There are projects that
aren't forks of udev, as well. I should survey which are available, as
packaging ones that are missing might be reasonable projects for me.

That said, Gentoo's reasons for reverting to systemd-udevd aren't bad. It
runs without requiring systemd.

> > I'm aware of an issue that bites me using sysvinit today, wherein root on
> > LUKS cycles through timeouts as it's never able to unlock. As of Bullseye,
> This is weird. The unlocking is done in the initrd so it’s independent
> of the init system.

I'm sorry, I was unclear. The timeout is on shutdown. Things unlock
correctly when systems boot, but suffer a delay on shutdown. I see this
with root on ZFS on LUKS, but I believe it shows up with other
configurations as well. It used to at least. I also think there was a
Debian bug filed at one point, but I'm not finding it now.

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