make-rc: A parallel (as in make(1)) alternative to sysv-rc

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Sat Jan 8 15:42:10 GMT 2022

On 2022-01-08 8:00 a.m., debian-init-diversity-
> I'd like to know your thoughts about this.  If it seems like it could be 
> a good replacement for sysv-rc (for Devuan; I guess for Debian it's too 
> late) I'd like to know.  Or if you think it can be a good thing but 
> needs some polish, I'd like to hear it too.  It's just a proof of 
> concept after 2 days of having had fun with it :)
> I'd like it to be able to compete in terms of performance with 
> systemd(1), so that we could possibly take over it, but hey, that's only 
> a hope.
SysV init already uses startpar on most distributions to start jobs in
parallel using make-like logic. It looks like you're re-creating the
same steps insserv and startpar do.

Regarding the performance of systemd, I've run tests on multiple
distributions comparing systemd with sysvinit (with startpar) and the
boot times are usually the same, or within two seconds of each other. In
some cases sysvinit is faster, in some systemd is faster, but there is
usually very little difference.

- Jesse

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