make-rc: A parallel (as in make(1)) alternative to sysv-rc

mirabilos tg at
Sat Jan 8 11:43:15 GMT 2022

On Wed, 5 Jan 2022, Alejandro Colomar (man-pages) wrote:

> Most of you I added you to this email because I found you on the maintainers
> list for the Debian sysv-rc package (now dead for a long time).
> I also CCd Devuan, since I hope you'll be interested in this little project of
> mine.

Not really. I invested a significant amount of effort to revert sysv-rc
to sequential booting because the parallel one invites huge amounts of
trouble, bugs, and breaks any hope of debugging that.

> So, last friday (yes, that's New Year's Eve), I was reading something, and got
> this idea... the main valid claim for systemd is that it blows away
> competition in terms of performance?  Full parallelization?  Knows about

Bah. How often do you boot a unix?

And in practice, shitdown times are MUCH more important than boot times.
Need to quickly turn off the laptop because the battery is dying or the
train is arriving or the cat’s vomited all over something. Enter those
90-second delays (often multiple) of shitstemd ☹ sysvinit/sysv-rc shuts
down in good time.

> $ ls -lh $(realpath $(which systemd make bash sh 2>/dev/null))

Hey! mksh is there, too! (And /bin/lksh is even linked statically, which
is another performance benefit.)

> So, if the problem is that the rc scripts don't run parallel and don't know

No, the problem is that they do, by default, even in sysv-rc.

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