New version of insserv

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Mon Feb 21 23:05:21 GMT 2022

A new version of insserv has been published. The new release,
insserv-1.24.0, makes minor improvements to filename filtering, allowing
insserv to better ignore files it should not be using. The improves come
in the form of two changes:

1. Added ignore rule for files ending with .ucf which is used by Debian
to manage scripts. Patch provided by Mark Hindley.

2. Fix off-by one error in filename filtering. Fix provided by Mark Hindley.

Thanks, Mark, for making insserv better.

This release of insserv is available on the Savannah mirrors here:

It is also available on GitHub:

In the future, code changes and releases will probably be posted to
GitHub exclusively. Please update any build scripts or notification
systems to reflect the new GitHub infrastructure.

All the best,

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