GNOME with openrc

Matthew Vernon matthew at
Sun Feb 20 15:54:26 GMT 2022


On 20/02/2022 02:10, matthias.geiger1024 at wrote:

> thanks for your input, I really appreciate it.
> The main problem is that I can build the gnome core packages without 
> systemd, but that requires setting flags/options that the "normal" 
> package doesn't have.  I can even set a flag to build the package with 
> or without systemD according to the host init. The problem are the hard 
> dependencies of these packages on systemD/libsystemD. I guess you could 
> add a dependency switch, but this doesn't solve the problem of having to 
> build the same package twice with different options. At this point, I 
> know to manipulate the packages so that it works (tm), but the dilemma 
> remains. As for gdm, we'd need a separate package because of elogind.

 From a distribution point of view, rebuilding the same source to 
produce multiple binary packages with different build options is fine - 
see, for example, how the emacs source is built to produce emacs-gtk, 
emacs-lucid, emacs-nox binary packages.

I appreciate this is a bit of a pain...



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