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Wed Feb 9 03:26:08 GMT 2022

On 2022-02-08 at 16:48, Jesse Smith wrote:

> On 2022-02-08 5:35 p.m., Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>> On Tue, 8 Feb 2022, Jesse Smith wrote:
>>> I can't see your screenshot, when I click on it I'm just shown a
>>> black page.
>> The screenshot is inlineā€¦ I can attach it as a picture as well for
>> you.
> It looks like you're using Lynx

Yes; if you look at the signature in the mail you were replying to,
you'll see that that's even stated explicitly.

> which probably won't work with the site.I think you'll need to use a
> graphical browser.

It doesn't work for me either, using Firefox (albeit an outdated
version, 52,x, for reasons of my own); I get a header bar with a
logo-type thing in the top left corner, "Create on Patreon" and "Log in"
links in the top right corner, and then below that bar a big blank white
space with a spinning circle in the middle. (I haven't attached a
screenshot, because it'd be unreasonably large, given my preferred
display resolution and therefore browser-window size.)

This is probably because I browse with NoScript, and don't have Patreon

Basically, if I'm reading things correctly, this is all a request to
please not lock your messages behind a JavaScript wall if you want
people to actually read them.

(Patreon seems like an especially odd choice, since AFAIK it's intended
as a platform for people to receive donations from those who want to
support them, and send messages to those who make such donations. None
of that seems to fit this context.)

   The Wanderer

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one
persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all
progress depends on the unreasonable man.         -- George Bernard Shaw

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