SysV init 3.06 released

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Fri Dec 16 17:19:16 GMT 2022

I am pleased to announce the release of SysV init, version 3.06. This
latest version of SysV init mostly focused on providing translations for
our manual pages. It also does some clean-up of the build process, in
particular focusing on alternative install and staging locations.

Here is a summary of new work in version 3.06:

* Mark Hindley fixed typo in es.po

* Mark Hindley cleaned up translation code in src/Makefile.

* Drop sulogin from Debian build. Removed libcrypt-dev dependency.

* Fixed pt translation pages which were failing due to mis-matched
open/close tags.

* Makefile now respects ROOT prefix when setting up pidof-to-killall5
symbolic link.

* Removed redundant translation files from man directory.

* Makefile now respects DESTDIR. User can specify either ROOT= or
DESTDIR= to set install prefix.

Many thanks to Mark and others who sent in ideas or pull requests.

There weren't any code functionality changes for this release, apart
from dropping sulogin from Debian-based systems.

You can download SysV init and report bugs on our GitHub page:

- Jesse

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