Bug#997835: you could add powerdns init script

Mathieu ROY yeupou at gnu.org
Wed Oct 27 17:00:57 BST 2021


I am not on the relevant computer right now to provide such patch, but can confirm the script still works on a current stable system (not tested on testing, since I run dns servers on stable only) with openrc.

Regarding bugs 997054 and 997056, I actually mentioned bug #964139 without overthinking it, just to say I was not about to question the maintainer ability (and I think I said so litterally) to include or exclude init scripts.
I'll keep in mind, next time, that some people might actually read the opposite of what is written because, maybe, they have history about the issue that I have no clue about. I thought the whole systemd situation was less sensitive by now but if, random example, Chris Hofstaedtler actually removed the non-systemd init script for no other reason that being non-systemd init, then I get how he would feel uneased. That is an hypothesis, I do not care about his reasons, his behavior is anyway as insulting as it is silly.
Chris Hofstaedtler, a total stranger to me, also considered threatened and/or attacked by the question to whether is there a recommended database backend: to me, this guy is beyond help.

Anyway, thanks for your attention; and I will definitely craft more carefully my report if I ever have to ask another maintainer to reconsider removing or otherwise send an script to orphan-sysvinit-scripts.


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