Mr. James Khumalo press at
Wed Oct 6 07:28:12 BST 2021

Good Day,
I know this email might come to you as a surprise as first coming from one you haven’t met with before.
I am Mr. James Khmalo, the bank manager with ABSA bank of South Africa, and a personal banker of Dr.Mohamed Farouk Ibrahim, an Egyptian who happened to be a medical contractor attached to the overthrown Afghan government by the Taliban government.   
Dr. Mohamed Farouk Ibrahim deposits some sum of money with our bank but died in a car accidents with his family while trying to leave from Kandahar during last upraise.
The said sum can be used for an investment if you are interested.  Details relating to the funds are in my position and will present you as the Next-of-Kin because there was none, and I shall furnish you with more detail once your response.

Mr. James Khmalo
Tel: 27-632696383
South Africa

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