Bug#998893: orphan-sysvinit-scripts: fails to configure: "not replacing deleted config file /etc/init.d/rsyslog"

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Wed Nov 10 11:28:23 GMT 2021


On 10/11/2021 09:37, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> On 09/11/2021 15:17, Adam Borowski wrote:
>> Not replacing deleted config file /etc/init.d/rsyslog
> This is the problem - ucf thinks that it knew about /etc/init.d/rsyslog 
> before it got deleted (and so it thinks you deliberately removed it).

This is correct, but I now understand _why_ it happened - I uploaded 
orphan-sysvinit-scripts 0.08 before Michael uploaded rsyslog 8.2110-2


orphan-sysvinit-scripts registers /etc/init.d/rsyslogd with ucf
rsyslog upgrade remove the unmodified config file (with 
dpkg-maintscript-helper which knows nothing of ucf)
ucf thinks the user did this

We've not seen this before, because previously scripts have only made it 
into orphan-sysvinit-scripts after removal by other packagers, not 


I think the bit in update_init_d.sh that adds new scripts:
     if [ -e "/lib/systemd/system/$systemd" ] && [ "$action" = "add" ]; then
         ucf "/usr/share/orphan-sysvinit-scripts/$sysv" "/etc/init.d/$sysv"
         ucfr orphan-sysvinit-scripts "/etc/init.d/$sysv"
         update-rc.d "$sysv" "${rcd:-defaults}" >/dev/null

needs to also check something like dpkg-query -S /etc/init.d/$sysv 
returns 1 (i.e. the file is not still registered by dpkg as belonging to 
another package)

Seem sensible?



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