Bug#998340: Please take over rsyslog init script

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Thu Nov 4 16:37:49 GMT 2021


On 02/11/2021 16:41, Michael Biebl wrote:

> I intend to remove the SysV init script from the rsyslog package with the
> next upload.
> Maybe you are interested in taking maintainership for the file.

Thanks for letting me know; I've taken the version from debian/master on 
salsa, and it'll be in the next orphan-sysvinit-scripts upload :)

> I'll possibly also switch over rsyslog from using imuxsock to imjournal,
> so rsyslog is able to capture early boot up and late shut down.
> Not sure if that falls into the scope of orphan-sysvinit-scripts,
> nonetheless I felt it prudent to give you a heads up.

I'm not quite sure of the implications of this -

suggests that upstream think imuxsock is more suitable for general use 



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