Bug#994275: Reverting breaking changes in debianutils

Raphael Hertzog hertzog at debian.org
Tue Nov 2 07:31:53 GMT 2021

On Mon, 01 Nov 2021, Sean Whitton wrote:
> Of course we should be exploring the new avenues that you mention.  But
> becoming more willing to break unstable/testing than we are at present
> might also be good for our project.

Maybe, maybe not. What are you basing your assertion on?

From my (limited) point of view, Debian testing/unstable is used by many
derivatives because it's largely usable and stable, and we do get many
contributions due to this.

I for one contribute many fixes to Debian because Kali is built on Debian
testing. At some point it was based on Debian stable and I was largely not
able to contribute to Debian, and if we did break testing/unstable more
often, the net result would likely that Kali would switch back to stable.

I don't really see any scenario where breaking unstable/testing helps us
in any way. Except if the breakage is really limited in time, and if the
breakage does not affect upgrade paths, etc. But then I would no longer
call that "breaking unstable/testing".

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