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Thu Jul 22 01:42:05 BST 2021

Did you get my previous emails regarding the below mentioned
proposals I sent you?
* Proposal 1:10 B2B Leads generated from email marketing to your
target audience at $1,000
* Proposal 2:10 B2B Scheduled appointments from Tele calling to your
target audience at $1,500
* Proposal 3: 200,000 B2B emails send out from our database to your
specific target audience across B2B at $300
* Proposal 4: 10 Keywords SEO promotion for 1 month is $100
We are Mailchimp alternative but no restrictions in bulk
emailing. We don’t let you lose your money, we have a strong
infrastructure to handle large volume of emails delivering a day. If
you have any bulk email marketing issues we can take care of that.
Just give us the email list and email pitch with subject line, we will
send email campaign on your behalf, all the replies or responses will
come to your inbox. We will also share the analytics, opens and
clicks. Would you like to see a report?
Thanks and let me know if you wish to know more.
Christina Griffin
Bulk Email Marketing & Lead generation specialist
B2B Leads
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