Bug#783990: efivarfs is a separate fs and needs moutning

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Fri Jul 16 16:00:03 BST 2021

The Wanderer writes ("Re: Bug#783990: efivarfs is a separate fs and needs moutning"):
> I'm not sure what's making the difference (unless this is already fixed
> for testing, and you're only discussing whether to backport the fix to
> current stable, which I think doesn't sound like it is the case),

Perhaps the initramfs mounts it ?  I can't conveniently check.

> and I'm not sure where to look to try to find out - but whatever fix
> is found for anyone experiencing this problem, it'll be important to
> make sure it doesn't break people for whom this *is* working.


I suggest the following approach in mountkernfs:

  - See if /sys/firmware/efi/efivars exists.

  - If it does, and nothing is mounted on it yet, try to mount
    efivarfs with the runes earlier in this bug.

  - If that mount fails, print an error message, but otherwise
    do not treat this as an error.

If you think this is a good plan I will send a patch.  Would each of
you be willing to do a test reboot with it ?


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