Comments regarding orphan-sysvinit-scripts_0.03_multi.changes

Matthew Vernon matthew at
Thu Jan 21 09:58:21 GMT 2021


On 20/01/2021 23:20, Sean Whitton wrote:

> I would like to verify each of the licenses and copyright these scripts are
> meant to have but that is quite difficult.  Could you indicate exactly where
> each script came from, please?  E.g. "version foo of source package bar" as a
> Comment: field in d/copyright.


DWYW? I've pushed version 0.05 with that in; essentially the salsa repo 
name and commit id (since I extracted these scripts from git rather than 
source packages to get the last incarnation of the init script), except 
the one that came from devuan where I include the full repo URL.



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