Any other packages which ought to be usable with elogind but aren't? [apropos TC bug]

Matthew Vernon matthew at
Sun Jan 10 22:56:13 GMT 2021


TL;DR> are you aware of packages/bugs where the package could be usable 
on non-systemd, but the logind virtual package isn't depended on (like 
921012 until recently in network-manager & 923387 in udisks2)?

If you've been following #975075 with the technical committee, you'll 
see that communication has gone somewhat awry - they seemingly missed 
the bit where I said

"* Similar init-compatibility changes should not be blocked by package 
maintainers unless they are defective on their own merits "


"Suppose further that there are other packages where fundamentally the 
same question arises between now and the bullseye freeze (this isn't a 
hypothetical; there are). I would suggest that it's not in anyone's 
interests for each bug report to have to come before the TC in turn"

...and are now asking (rather late in the day) for a list of affected 

I still don't think we want to argue each one in turn, and it would be 
better for the TC to produce a more general ruling that might help 
persuade maintainers to DTRT, but...



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