A package for orphaned sysvinit scripts

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Sat Jan 2 15:59:05 GMT 2021


On 02/01/2021 15:22, The Wanderer wrote:

I should have known asking for feedback on 3 alternatives would result 
in someone suggesting a fourth ;-)

> One thought I'd had, in reading the TC bug discussion, was of the idea
> of having more-or-less a package per such init script. The init-script
> package could then depend on the package which would otherwise contain
> that init script. All of these binary packages could be generated from a
> single source package.

Right; something like that might be the way to go if the TC rule that 
e.g. network-manager depend on a package that provides init 
compatibility, but I think they're not going to do so.

So I think lots of tiny packages is worse for our users than one package 
with a number of sysvinit scripts in some of which they won't need. I 
think one orphaned-sysvinit-scripts package (which e.g. sysvinit-core 
could then Recommends:) is better?



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